1970 Born in Munich, Germany
1993 Birth of daughter Johanna
1995 Birth of daughter Charlotte
1999 Qualification as Dipl. Ing Architect at UdK Berlin
2003 Apprenticeship completed to become a certified pyrotechnician
2008 Founder of Effektschmiede, Collective of Technicians and Artists
2009 High Voltage Exhibits for Technorama Winterthur, CHE
2011 Redesign HV Show, TMW Vienna, AUT
2012 Part of Exhibition “Rationale III” at Frauenmuseum Bonn, GER
2013 Participation at Summer Academy, Salzburg, AUT
2013 Faraday Cage and Tesla Coil for Vitenfabrikken, Sandnes, Norway
2013 Fog Installation with willows for „Night of Museums“ Belgrade, SRB
2014 Concerts with Tesla Coils in coorperation with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, NOR
2014 Artist in Residence Assissi, ITA
2015 Artist in Residence Beers, NLD
2014 – 2015 10 exhibits (electricity and magnetism) Universum Bremen, GER
2015 Part of the exhibition “Female Orgasm” in Beers, NLD
2016 Exhibitor at the baronial garden party at Schloss Fasanerie, GER
2017 “Wunderland” Installation “Kunst im Park”, Schloss-Burg Namedy
2017 “Raum aus Luft” Installation Kunstkirche Bochum, GER
2018 “Nebelwand” Installation, Museum Villa Roth, GER
2018 “Kuh” Installation for Windkunstfestival, Zierenberg, GER